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What is your favourite quote? - With great power comes great responsibility

What's top of your bucket list? - Scuba dive between 2 tectonic plates in the National park in Iceland

What's your guilty pleasure? - 100% Eating biscuits in bed

Where would you most like to go? - Definitely a trip to the Polynesian islands to kayak (Moana vibes)

Who inspires you most in life? - My dad

Best advice you've ever received? - You’re not trying to reach an agreement but an understanding

Favourite movie?- Pride and Prejudice (the 6hr adaptation)

Your last meal, what would it be? - Anything Italian (from DiPaulo, my favourite restaurant)

What gives you the Ick? - Toenails

Chosen superpower? - To fly

Name a song in your go-to playlist - Champion- chipmunk and Chris brown

Which app can you not live without? - Uber eats



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