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What is your favourite quote?  - Whatever you do, always give 100%. Unless you’re donating blood.

What's top of your bucket list? - Sky diving!

What's your guilty pleasure? -  Anything with sugar. It’s an addiction I’m working on, gradually.

Where would you most like to go? - I would love to go all around Latin America. I’d love to see my friends again, and practice my Spanish and Portuguese. Not to mention, eat all the arepas and empanadas I can find!

Who inspires you most in life? - I like to find something positive in those around me and let it drive me in my own self-improvement.

Best advice you've ever received? - “It will all work out in the end.” If you give something – or someone, including yourself – space to breath, it will often work itself out.

Favourite movie? - Blades of Glory.

Your last meal, what would it be? - A buffet.

What gives you the Ick? - Taking an electric toothbrush camping or on holiday, especially when they don’t bring the charger.

Chosen superpower? - Teleportation

Name a song in your go-to playlist - This one’s a tough one because my playlist heavily depends on my mood. But currently, it would be ‘Soldi’ by Mahmood.

Which app can you not live without? -WhatsApp, to keep up to date with my family and for being sent photos of dogs!



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