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What is your favourite quote? - Carpe diem

What's top of your bucket list? - Skiing

What's your guilty pleasure? - Custard cream biscuits from Tesco

Where would you most like to go? - Bali - I want to experience the Indonesian culture

Who inspires you most in life? - My mum

Best advice you've ever received? - Everyone is created equal, some just work harder in pre - season.

Favourite movie?- Any avengers film

Your last meal, what would it be? - Eba and egusi soup, a delicacy from my Nigerian culture

What gives you the Ick? - Basic vocabulary

Chosen superpower? - Time Travel: there are so many questions history has created, I would love to go back and experience them.

Name a song in your go-to playlist - lil baby - all in

Which app can you not live without? - TikTok



Alexander is  born and raised in South East London, he studied at the University of Leicester of which he read Management Studies and Finance. He currently works as a Management Consultant, in his spare time Alexander enjoys keeping up to date with key trends within the financial services industry, going to gym, hanging out with his friends, and family. Alexander served within Army Cadet Force (ACF), of which he was apart of the Royal Tank Regiment; he managed to reach the level of a cadet Sergeant. During his time within ACF he achieved qualifications in public services, which further complimented his A-Levels, awarded a 1st class Marksman shooting badge, and qualified as a Senior First aider awarded by St Johns ambulance. 10 years ago, if you were to ask Alexander if he would have been working within professional services, you would have been left with a blank expression; as he was very close to joining the Territorial Army. However, that was short lived when he realised the possibility of being drafted for war. Alexander intends to live a life of fulfilment with no regrets, and try’s to take each day as a new opportunity.

For more things Alex Monioro, follow and stay tuned. He is always working on something new.
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