The NYC Journal 40 Under 40' 2023

October 2023
NYC Journal

Founder and CEO of Monioro Properties, Darren Monioro, is known within the property industry and the real estate world for his shrewd investments and tactful decision-making. Having been in business for almost a decade, Darren and Monioro Properties are widely regarded as passionate and innovative, with an eye for value and an unwavering focus on delivering results.

Darren’s property and real estate journey began around 2015, he quickly established Monioro Properties when he decided to pursue his ambitions in property investment after a successful career in financial services. His passion for property and real estate along with his aptitude for numbers made him a natural fit for the industry, and over the years he and Monioro Properties have built up an extensive portfolio of properties across the UK.

One of Darren’s key strengths as a property investor is his ability to identify investment opportunities that others overlook. Whether it’s a rundown apartment or a neglected commercial property, he has a knack for spotting hidden gems that have the potential to generate significant returns. This has allowed him to build a diverse range of assets that have weathered market ups and downs and positioned him as an advisor to a wide range of investors.

Darren has always given back and helped others when he can. As the eldest child of a working-class family, taking responsibility became second nature to Darren. This ethos is the foundation of Monioro Properties and has evolved into a desire to pass on the wisdom and experience he has accumulated during a career rich in challenges and success.

In addition to his entrepreneurial ventures, Darren is also an advocate for diversity and inclusion in the business world. He has a deep understanding of property and is committed to sharing this knowledge.  It is this commitment that caused Darren to extend Monioro Properties and establish a sister company called Investor Connect. Investor Connect has a simple yet powerful mission at its heart, to remove the barriers to property and real estate investment, enabling everyone the chance to build long-term wealth. Through Investor Connect, Darren and Monioro Properties provide access to some of the best property investment opportunities available.

Despite his many accomplishments, Darren remains humble and committed. He attributes much of his success to the Monioro Properties team, who are an integral part of his vision and mission. He is a strong believer in collaboration and is always looking for ways to bring on board the best talent and build strong relationships with partners and investors.

Looking ahead, Darren is excited about the future of Monioro Properties and the many opportunities on the horizon. He is committed to staying at the forefront of innovation in order to realize his ambitious vision for the future. He is now busy working on a new venture which combines his strong passion for technology, wealth building, and property investment. For more things Darren Monioro, and ALL things Monioro Properties, stay tuned. He is always working on something new.